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Classification of Light Shielding Tape and Its Application on Mobile Phones

1. What is light shielding tape?

Light shielding tape uses special environmentally friendly substrate, which has been specially treated on the surface to achieve partial or complete blackout. The back side of the tape is coated with strong and durable adhesive on one or both sides. Light shielding tape is a kind of black single-sided/double-sided tape with blackout function, made of a unique printing process of black film as the substrate, with excellent shielding and insulation properties. Blackout tape is also known as opaque tape, and is a common blackout material.

There is also a kind of blackout tape related to mobile phone LCD screen, which is composed of two layers of black and white surfaces. The white part faces the backlight when used, which can make the light continuously reflect inside, thereby improving the brightness, and the black part plays a role in preventing light leakage.

2. Classification of light shielding tape:

1) According to materials: light-blocking paper tape and film adhesive tape;

2) According to color: bright silver blackout tape, matte silver blackout tape, black silver blackout tape, gray-black blackout tape, black and white blackout tape, platinum blackout tape, white film (milky white blackout tape);

3) According to adhesive properties: single-sided or double-sided adhesive blackout tape, double-sided adhesive blackout tape;

4) According to the level of light blocking: semi-transparent blackout tape, completely non-transparent blackout tape;

5) According to the wall or material: single-sided release bottom blackout tape, two-layer release bottom blackout tape.

3. The application of black and white blackout tape in mobile phones:

Black and white blackout tape is used in the electronic display manufacturing industry, such as color screen mobile phone backlight and GPS backlight. It has the advantages of moisture resistance, UV resistance, good blackout effect, moderate viscosity, and no residue after tearing. Black tape has high density, can completely shield and has good adhesion, which is not easy to break during high temperature and high-strength operations.

The current trend of mobile phone design is to increase the use of functions while ensuring product thinness. When you use your phone at night or in low light, the LED light source under the phone keys allows us to see the letters and numbers on the keys clearly. Now, some mobile devices place a soft keyboard light guide film between the phone keys and the light source. The light guide film can transmit LED light evenly and with low loss, thereby reducing energy consumption.

In recent years, with the rise of smart products, especially smartphones have become the consumption trend of young people this year, black and white blackout tape is used for fixing backlight frames and blackout die-cut pieces. Each phone needs black and white tape, so the production of mobile phones is basically the entire backlight industry's demand for black and white double-sided blackout tape.

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