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Splicing Tapes

The splicing tape is used in the artificial leather manufacturing industry to connect the release paper. This product is made of polyester (Polyester) film substrate coated with special glue for release connection. It has the characteristics of not easy to break under high temperature and high speed operation, high adhesion, soft and proper fit.

1. Surface of the release paper splicing tape is specially treated to ensure the smooth separation from artificial leather

This separation is exactly the same as the smooth separation of artificial leather from the release paper. This means that you can ensure that your products can be continuously separated from the release paper and tape, which means that you can continuously produce complete leather in large rolls without worrying about the shutdown of the release paper.

2. Release paper tape is designed to adapt to high temperature of at least 200 ℃ in short-term production of artificial leather. 

The materials selected are polyester film and silica gel with good high-temperature resistance. In view of the production characteristics of the artificial leather industry, this tape has super adhesion, and even has extraordinary bonding performance on uneven paper. When the release paper rotates at a high speed, it can ensure that there is no end breakage in the connecting place.

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