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Does the Thickness of High Temperature Tapes Have Any Effect on the Their Temperature Resistance?

In winter, the temperature drops, and the adhesiveness of the tape will be affected more or less in low temperature places. So, some customers asked if we thicken the high temperature tapes, will the temperature resistance of the high-temperature tape be unaffected?

Ⅰ. Is the thicker the high temperature tapes, the better the temperature resistance?

Yes, when many people first came into contact with high temperature tapes, they would have many doubts. Now on the issue of thickening high temperature tapes, we will give you the following two explanations.

1. Thicken the base material;

2. Thicken the glue part of the high temperature tape.

So how much influence do the two methods have on the temperature resistance of the high temperature tapes? The thickness of high temperature tapes has little effect on the temperature resistance of the high temperature tapes, because as long as the high temperature tapes are used, they have little effect on the temperature resistance. The only requirement is to use high temperature resistant adhesives and high temperature resistant substrates.

Ⅱ.  The substrate thickness of the high temperature tapes

The thicker the substrate in the high temperature tapes, the harder the entire tapes appear, and the hardness is slightly improved, which makes the anti-stretch performance of the high-temperature tape significantly improved. Some high temperature tapes require the adhesive layer of the high temperature tape to be more thick with more adhesion. These are some adjustments of different thicknesses according to the production process requirements of different users.