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Green Polyester Tape

  • green polyester masking tape
  • green polyester tape
  • green polyester tape
  • green polyester tape

Green polyester tape is a green high-temperature tape with a PET film as the substrate and a layer of silicone adhesive applied uniformly on one side of the substrate. Green polyester tape produced by our factory has excellent temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance. PET polyester film tape is mainly used for the shielding protection of paint spray plating and high temperature protection of other electronic components, also known as static electricity. Spraying tape, high temperature spraying masking tape. Invest in quality, choose Hopelight, a leading pet tape manufacturer. We offer superior performance and durability of green polyester tape for demanding applications. Get in touch today!

Green Polyester Tape

Green Polyester Tape-TDS



Coefficient of the tape




Thickness mm

0.06 /0.08/0.09





Elongation %


Breakdown strength


Withstand VoltageKV


Adhesion (N/25mm )


Temperature Resistance℃

230℃ 30mins

Core size(mm)


Application Of Green Polyester Tape

  • computer case, cabinet and other metal surface treatment high temperature powder without spraying, baking paint shielding protection;

  • shielding protection and insulation during high-temperature spraying of electronic products, automotive industry, painting and other products;

  • Printed circuit boards, electronic parts, resistance capacitors are fixed during production and the PCB board is impregnated to shield the gold finger part and prevent the plating solution from being immersed and contaminated. The printed circuit board is gold-plated for shielding and protection;

  • Industries such as household appliances, machinery, electronics, etc. need high-temperature paint spraying protection, high-temperature binding fixation.

  • release paper joint (also known as: Splicing Tapes)

Features Of Green Polyester Tape

  • High insulation, high temperature resistance and no residual glue

  • Solvent resistance acid and alkali resistance

  • Strong adhesion

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