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PVC Tape

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  • pvc tape


Product nameSize(mm*m)GlueCOLORTape thicknessAdhesionOperating
ElongationBreakdown strengthWithstand
PVC tape1250*20rubberblack0.134.580125
PVC tape1250*20rubberblack0.154.580125
PVC tape1250*20rubberblack0.184.580125

Specification Of PVC Tape

Backing materialPVC
AdhesiveRubber pressure-sensitive adhesive
Colorsblack, white, red, green, yellow, etc.

PVC Tape Classification

PVC tape is a common adhesive material widely used in packaging, electronics, construction, automobiles and other fields. PVC tape can be divided into multiple classifications based on different uses and characteristics. The different classifications of PVC tape will be introduced below.

1. Functional PVC tape

Functional PVC tape refers to PVC tape with special functions, including electronic insulation tape, anti-static tape, waterproof tape, etc. These tapes play an important role in specific fields. For example, electronic insulating tape is mainly used in electrical engineering to effectively isolate current and prevent electrical short circuits and leakage. Anti-static tape is used during the packaging and transportation of electronic products, which can effectively prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity and protect the safety of electronic products.

2. PVC tape for packaging

PVC tape for packaging is the most common type of PVC tape, which is mainly used in the packaging industry. This tape has good adhesion and tearability, and can firmly adhere to packaging materials while being easy to tear off. PVC tape for packaging comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and you can choose the right tape according to different packaging needs. In addition, PVC tape for packaging is also moisture-proof and dust-proof, which can effectively protect the safety of packaged items.

3. PVC tape for construction

PVC tape for construction is mainly used in the construction industry and plays a role in the building construction and decoration process.

important role. PVC tape for construction has the characteristics of good weather resistance, strong adhesion and high temperature resistance.

points and can be used in different climate and environmental conditions. PVC tape for construction can be used for sealing, fixing, waterproofing and other purposes, such as sealing of glass curtain walls, waterproofing of roofs, pipe repairs, etc. In addition, PVC tape for construction also has functions such as sound insulation and heat insulation, which can improve the environmental performance of buildings.

4. PVC tape for automobiles PVC tape for automobiles is mainly used in the field of automobile manufacturing and maintenance. This kind of tape has the characteristics of oil resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, etc., and can withstand various harsh environmental conditions during the use of automobiles. PVC tape for automobiles Can be used for body repair

Characteristic Of PVC Tape

  • Has high transparency.

  • Good barrier properties against gas and water vapor.

  • Excellent electrical insulation properties.

  • Good toughness.

  • Easy to print.

  • Low price.

  • Non-toxic.

  • Easy to color.

  • Strong chemical resistance.

  • Smooth surface.

  • Good dimensional stability.

  • Wear resistance.

  • Strong plasticity.

  • Excellent insulation property,

  • strong restoring force,

  • good flame retardant capacity, withstand voltage, significant, adhesiveness, weatherproof.

  • Self-adhesive, acid-resistant,alkali-resistant and anti-aging.

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