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What Are the Characteristics of Conductive Tape when Applying and Using It?

The conductive tape combines the conductive shielding performance of the conductive cloth with the softness characteristics of the tape. The conductive tape is more lightweight and durable.

Conductive tape still has a good shielding effect under dynamic friction and corrosive environment. Conductive tape is actually a good shielding material, which has a wide range of applications in the industry.

1. The principle of conductive tape

Conductive tape is a tape made of conductive cloth, and its characteristic is to increase the "glue" characteristics on the basis of conductive cloth. Generally, the "glue" that the industry hopes is conductive glue, that is, it has "nickel" component, in order to achieve the effect of magnetic shielding. But there are also ordinary acrylic adhesives or hot melt adhesives that do not require conductive tape, the purpose is to make the conductive cloth have good adhesion.

The conductive cloth material is electroplated on polyester fiber with metallic nickel first, then a high-conductivity copper layer is plated on the nickel, and then the copper layer is electroplated with anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion nickel metal. Copper and nickel are combined to provide excellent conductivity and good electromagnetic shielding effect, and the shielding range is 100K to 3GHz.

2. The characteristics of conductive tape

(1) The conductive tape has good conductivity and shielding effect.

(2) The conductive tape has good anti-friction properties, and the anti-friction times can reach 5,000,000 times (NF35B050, ASTMD 4966).

(3) The conductive tape has good metal adhesion and Z-direction conductivity.

(4) The conductive tape has good processability: the conductive tape has a soft texture, no burrs when slitting. And anti-fingerprint stains, and anti-oxidation treatment are carried out.

3. The use of conductive tape

Conductive tape is suitable for computers, mobile phones, wires, cables and other electronic and electrical products. Conductive tape is mainly used to shield or isolate the interference of electromagnetic waves or radio waves during high-frequency transmission.

4. The use of conductive tape

(1) When the conductive tape must be used in the low magnetic state of the natural environment, the conductive tape needs to be warmed to room temperature (about 20°C) for more than three hours.

(2) The conductive tape products are packaged in wrapping paper or film, and packed in appropriate cartons.

(3) The conductive tape should be placed in a cool place to avoid high temperature or high humidity.

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