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Opp Tape

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BOPP tape is made of BOPP film as the base material and coated with water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. The adhesive material is natural rubber. The resin used to increase the viscosity, coupled with the anti-aging agent to maintain the adhesive force, can make various A solvolytic solvent is used to mix these ingredients to create an adhesive. The adhesive is placed in the container for 24 hours to remove air bubbles to make the texture uniform, and is filtered through filter paper to remove impurities. It has the characteristics of low cost and wide application. Yellow tape is made of OPP material and its adhesive is yellow. We often see yellow tape on express boxes, which is more conspicuous. The stickiness and battery life are the same as those of transparent tape, and it does not affect use at all. Crafted with precision at Hopelight, one of the most leading high-temperature tape factory which produces high-performance bopp tape. Contact us today to explore the possibilities!

Opp Tape-TDS

Adhesive SideSingle Sided
Adhesive TypePressure Sensitive, Hot Melt
Design PrintingOffer Printing
UseCarton Sealing
Product namebopp transparent tape
Application industryOffice/logistics transportation

Application Of Opp Tape

Carton Sealing BOPP Packing Tape uses bopp film as back material. BOPP film is coated with various thickness of water based acrylic adhesive to meet different weight requirements. It provides immediate adhesion, idea for light, medium or heavy weight purpose packing or sealing.

Opp Tape-Features 

Strong adhesion, high tensile strength, good waterproof and weather resistance, wide temperature range.

Usage Of Opp Tape

  • Medium & Heavy Carton Sealing.

  • Gift Wrapping & Decoration.

  • Bundling & Strapping.

  • Packaging carton boxes with automatic sealing machine

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