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Black Kapton Tape

  • Black Kapton Tape
  • Black Polyimide Tape
  • Black Kapton Tape
  • Black Polyimide Tape

Mat black or bright black polyimide tape, black PI tape. Black Kapton tape is made of black polyimide film as a substrate, coated with imported high-temperature silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. The main specification of our black polyimide tape is 0.06 mm and its length ranges from 33M to 66M  so as better meet different requirements of customers. The width of the black kapton tape can be cut freely between 3 mm and 500 mm. Black Tapton tape with PET fluorine release liner can be die-cut.

Black Kapton Tape-Technical Data Sheet




Total thickness


Width (mm)

Length (m)



Tensile Strength 


Elongation %

Temperature (℃)











Black kapton tape packaging is generally roll tape or a single-sided composite release film cut into sheets, or punched according to the special needs of customers.Die-cutting processing is high cost performance! Special specifications can be special processing.

Application Of Black Kapton Tape

  • Electronic products are fixed by reflow soldering, and the characteristics of good adhesion and no residual glue after removed, which meet the needs of circuit board reflow soldering and fixing.

  • The use of motors, motors, and other electronic products will generate heat energy during operation. This black Kapton polyimide tape can withstand high-temperature up to 260 degrees. Thus, the black Kapton tape produced by Hopelight is perfect for bundling and fixing.

  • Mobile phone screen repair, the temperature resistance and insulation of the black kapton tape can effectively protect the circuit board, and the product life is longer

Features Of Black Kapton Tape

  • High insulation, strong adhesion, no residual, corrosion resistance

  • Good shielding effect, black kapton tape can cover 70% strong light, 100% DE low light

  • High temperature 260℃ 30mins resistant.         

  • Black Polyimide Tape Black Polyimide Tape
  • Black Polyimide Tape Black Polyimide Tape

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