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Single Sided Glass Cloth Tape

  • single sided glass cloth tape
  • single sided glass cloth tape
  • single sided glass cloth tape
  • single sided glass cloth tape

Single sided glass cloth tape is made of 0.13 mm thick imported glass cloth coated with high-performance silicone adhesive. The thickness of Single sided glass cloth tape is 0.18 mm±0.02 mm. Single sided glass cloth tape has good temperature resistance (-50℃~260℃), strong adhesion, toughness and resistance. Features such as tearing, applied to high-strength insulation protection such as H-grade heat-resistant insulation banding, various high-temperature sandblasting protection and lithium manganese battery insulation bandage. Single sided glass cloth tape is particularly cost-effective, and the tape can completely replace imported 3M-69, P212, TESA4618 and other glass cloth tapes in performance. It has been widely used in air-conditioning appliances, automotive electronics, digital electronics and other high-temperature insulation protection occasions.

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Features of Single-Sided Glass Cloth Tape

  • The single-sided glass cloth tape produced by us has good thermal stability, can work at 200℃ for a long time, and can withstand the high temperature of 260℃ for a short time.

  • Soft and tear-resistant. With strong adhesion, it is not easy to deform and is suitable for pasting and protecting the surface of various profiles.

  • There is no glue residue. When tearing the single-sided glass cloth tape after curing for a long time at a high temperature, no glue will be remained.

  • High mechanical strength, suitable for tight and tight coil wrapping.

  • Various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

Applications of Single-Sided Glass Cloth Tape

Holding various advantages, single-sided glass cloth tape can be widely applied on various occasions.  It is an ideal material for the insulation, protection, and shading of transformers, anti-seepage leakage hot melt sealing machines, H-grade heat-resistant insulation banding, high-temperature sandblasting and so on.  With stable performance, the single-sided cloth tape can provide effective help to various industries. 

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